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Morning EST (GMT -4)

- III./JG5: VVS (Mixed: 30)

- IL2AU: VVS (Mixed: 10)

Afternoon EST (GMT - 4)

- 1stCL: LW (Fighters: 10)

- 6./ZG26: LW (Ground Attacker: 10)

- 7.GShap: VVS (Fighters: 10)

- Ala13: VVS (Mixed: 20)

- ATAG: VVS (Mixed: 5)

- DFA: LW (Mixed: 5)

- F/JG300: LW (Mixed: 5)

- FEW: LW (Mixed: 10)

- gRij: LW (Mixed: 10)

- Hydra: LW (Fighters: 10)

- III./JG5: VVS (Mixed: 30)

- JG4: LW (Fighters: 10)

- JG77: LW (Fighters: 10)
- LG: VVS (Mixed: 10)

- StG77: VVS (Ground Attackers: 10)

Evening EST (GMT -4)

- 19: VVS (Mixed: 10)

- IL2AU: VVS (Mixed: 10)

- SqSq: Unsure (Mixed: 10)

- LG: VVS (Mixed: 10)

- SCG: LW (Mixed: 20)

(HR) will fly VVS. (Mixed: 8). We fly GMT+2 evenings (afternoon EST)

* Format:

- Name: Side (Preference: Approximate number of pilots)

Note that a squadron may appear more than once in the list if their pilots fly in more than one time zone. Also remember that lone wolves and not reported squadrons (groups that did not reply to this topic) are not listed here.

The goal of this list is to give an overall view of the TAW balance and, hopefully, have the squadrons base their side choice taking balance into consideration. If you wish to change your side just reply in this topic and I will update it. Remember, it is always better to select a side before the campaign starts so choose it wisely now.

The enjoyment and competitiveness of TAW campaign depends on ALL of us.


esta edición promete ser muy reñida ya que entre los grandes escuadrones se esta intentando buscar un equilibrio  de bandos  :dedosarriba:
asi como los números de pilotos son aproximado