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The rules are simple: (Punctuality, respect and fair play)

A single elimination tournament for teams of 2 pilots per squad. In the case of GRij, will have 4 slots. Why is the GRij if you have 4 and No 2 like everyone else? Very simple, they are the organizers and they work hardly for the tournament, so for that I give them two more slots.

What is the tie?

The squadrons send their two best pilots to this competition, we mentioned that the GRij send 4 if they wont.

It will do two competitions, first in pairs, and when finished this completely, the individual one.

Of course, its not allow direct charges or lack of respect to other pilots. If someone has a complaint should contact my = GRij = Toro and convey the complaint in private in this forum. The non-acceptance of the norm this will presume the instant cease of this squadron in this competition in current and in the future competitions.

The map and the plane is will know the day of the previous meeting, a meeting in which they bring into common themes for the competition as dates and times.

The flying version 4.12.1 will be the officer, without MODS (In the absence of having the HSFX-7)(modified)

The fly will be in full real and distinct markings on aircraft.

The competition will be in the GRij Server.

I hope that the competition start in August.

If any squad failed to appear or appear only one of the two pilots of the squadron, automatically would lose the fight.

If any squad is delayed more than 10 min. , Automatically would lose the fight.

Disconnections plane counted as lost and will not reset in any case excepting if everyone had connection problems.

All squads MUST attend the previous meeting and closing meeting.

Participants receive a personalized picture Top Gun competition GRij 2013 at the closing. And the winners plus a custom image of the memorial with their names and the name of the squadron to which they belong. These images will be exhibited forever in this forum, which will be closed at the end of the closing meeting.

This dedication will pray at the base of the plaque and in the following:

Some wonder what the prize award here?,  no more than be the best pilot or pair in the IL2 worldwide community. With the recognition that goes with your squad and themselves.

Good luck to all, and good hunting.