Reunion / Meeting Tuesday/Martes 23

Iniciado por Toro, 14 de Julio de 2013, 18:49:30 PM

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A las 21.30 h. del dia 23 de Julio.

At 21.30 h. the 23th of July.


gRiJ TS3:

pass:  grijos


Can you pls give us the TS IP, so we can join in time? :beer




Its 23 of August, ~11 days to 1st tournament day.

No offence but =LG= would like to know ( to prepare for tournament ):

- how the map looks  ( and download it for training )
- detailed rules of 2vs2  ( 1st h2h engagment, ramming, crashing )
- skins for Hurri IIB and 109 F-4

- which server we would play ?
I dont agree to play on server where some =gRiJ= members have admin rights and have possibility to kick oponent.

2vs2 can be played without any lagg problems on private server. ( even small 6Mbit bandwith is big enough )

- probable tournament ladder ( looser out, or all vs all due to small number of teams )

- I saw some info about 2vs2 and also 1vs1, how it would look like ?

In all normal international tournaments in russia, ESL EVERY team could register un limited number of squads.
It was obvious that every player have right to participate and show his skills.



This is not "international championship rules", more info have usually stock dogfight briefieng in HyperLobby but ok... We will talk in combat not here...
Forget it...

map & skins download link need

we need correctly the same map as in tournament to prepare same like =gRiJ= team can

I think I dont need to explain you that problem ?


The links to skins, are not ready yet. The next week I give us to download.

The map is "marianas", the same map that grij server.

I have full confidence in GRij server. If someone breaks the rules, we'll know. We also tracks and logs. Which will put at the disposal of anyone who requests it, not a problem.

Please open a new thread if you have more questions. But the next time, first , read the forum. Maybe you answer is there in another previus thread.



Speaking as neutral and just as participating player,I have some things to say about this tournament.
1st speaking about russian international games I have to say that me or any other players I know have ever been invited.International definition is not form Soviet block countries.
2nd speaking about this tournament toro and blackheart advertised it too as many as possible.Dont think any squad joining lobby havent got an invitation to participate.
3rd the rules were not taken by =GRiJ=.They were taken by full agrrement even maps and how the skins would be like by all the participators that joined hte rules meeting conversation in July.I remember some players of the  tournament been online in server at that day and time but not joining conversation.
4th Dedicado server is know for been protected from cheats and mods.All pings I see in there are fair and I dont thing that ping 75 vs ping 110 will judge the fight.Toro which is the supervisor,is a trusted person and I think has taken all the actions required for a good fair tournament.

So as KG200 squad we are ready to play with all supreme squads that joined for a nice 2v2 fight
We are ready for both win and loose