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Congratulations to the Squad =LG= ¡¡¡   :porra: :porra:

Thanks a lot, to all participants in this event.

I learnt a lot. I hope you too.

Next Wednesday at 22.00h (Spain) the final meeting of Winners Ceremony.  :chillando: :chillando:

Thanks for fair play in this competition.

Regards.  :aplausos: :aplausos:


Congratulations to =LG=Blakhart and =LG=Kylu :aplausos: :aplausos: :aplausos:




We all know that in some fights there was very hot in the air and if you would aim better we would definitly loose more rounds... Sometimes those bullets were really close...
We also have a big respect for our all opponents who showed a good class of energy managment & teamwork especially 102ndYU.

pozdrav momci !  :dedosarriba:

We was training hard individual, to show here some of our ofensive and defensive tricks.
We was motivated.
We wanted badly to be last champs of the fall of il2 age for our team - LuftGangsta...

We have in mind that we didnt fought with every squad active now in HyperLobby/il2.
But if any of those who were not participated doubt in our value in this year we are ready to fight.

audaces fortuna luvat!

Its nice to recive the title but we wont start to love themselves because:

Its not the same community. Old champs are gone...

=FI=, =FB=, =AFJ=, TUS, 159BAG, 154, JgZbv, =KAG= and many many others...

We didnt fought with any of them...
We didnt took back title from old champs...

So the champagne is open but we dont sign too loud.



 :pelea: :pelea:

Thank you very much for the competiton, congratulations once again to the winners, and hats off to you for those nice words.


Gracias a todos por la participación en el top gun 2013 a todos los escuadrones.

Se procede al cierre de esta edición.  :aplausos:

Atentamente, :hola:
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