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Iniciado por 102nd-YU-Uross, 19 de Septiembre de 2013, 23:11:22 PM

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A big Thank you for Toro and =gRiJ= SQ for organizing this tournament :aplausos: :aplausos: :aplausos:.

We had a lot of fun and we hope that this tournament will become traditional, every year tournament.

Congratulations to all participants and we hope next year there will be more SQs flying this tournament.



Thank you participants, because you are that you can do that these initiatives have felt.
Bull has worked hard to bring forward the 1st tournament "TOP-GUN", and with representatives of such a level as you, this trophy acquires true value.
Surely, in the coming years will be more groups who are interested in having representatives in the following "TOP-GUN" competitions that take place.

Congratulations to all pilots who participated this time, and hope to see them in subsequent tournaments along with other drivers who grow the level and the quality of the competition.

It has been a pleasure, for the squad = gRiJ =, played host this competition.

A cordial greeting to all.   :aplausos: :aplausos: :aplausos:


Thx for organisation.

I hope you know understand some of my questions and advices before the tournament started...

2014 is a start of BoS age. Less teams in HL, less teams in il2-1946. I think there is no other future.

Its a shame we didnt had here some representation from N&S america countries, especially Brasil& america, Great Britain,  France, Czech, Slovak, Finland, Sweden which are still active on Spit vs 109, Aces over Europe and grij server.

They knew about competition...

2014 =LG= will organise international 1vs1 tournament, i hope you will come.