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Iniciado por KG200_Chrisrag, 07 de Enero de 2014, 22:21:36 PM

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Today 7/1/2014 I ve been kicked from server with no reason or explanation.Tried to reconnect and when I did I was kicked for second time.Thought my connection was problem.Re entered and I got he message cannot join kicked from server.I provide screenshots from the players that were in server.If you want to make it private go ahead but put it password lock but since it is public server respect players or if you want someone out ask him polite to do so.Also must add that I was behind Darkangel shooting him and had shooted him down again 2-3 mins before kick.I would like to hear a good reason of breaking any rule thank you

P.S I opened also this thread at forum Rules


Hello Chrisrag,

This happened to me too like three days ago, but as it was late I didn't try to reconnect. I thought it was something related to my ping (having too high pings for some seconds that day) but seeing your message I think that this could be some kind of problem with the server. Believe me, I'm sure this is nothing against you.  :wink:

Chicos, a mi me pasó lo mismo el otro día. Recibí el mismo mensaje de kickeado por el server, solo que no intenté volver a conectar. Pensé que era por mi ping de aquel día, pero veo que puede ser por otro motivo. Ni idea.

Un saludo.
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I m sure there as nothing with my ping.I had 79 ping as almost every time.I was kicked twice from some of these 3 players that were in game at that time for no reason!!!
Ping doesnt say kicked from server.Only if someone bans you or if maybe shoot twice friendly aircraft you get banned.But I didnt nothing to be banned


Can post the log.lst file or any other file that has some helpful info for the game and for that in game time.


For some reason the server kick you. I don't know why, if the version you are using is the normal should not cause problems, is it possible to have a different installation?


no I have always and with no changes no modifications or any other patches, than the original (official)applied.I dont join modificated servers with those HSFX or whatever patches.I can join all servers with 4.12.2 can host 4.12.2 and everybody joins.It cant be that.Please check if you have this ability who kicked me.As I say can provide the log.lst of the game and you can check from the other pilots that are online their log too to see if it is intact.Some parts of the log with colour to check the most important.By the way if someone has other version cannot join with message upu cannot join becasue you have been kicked?Think no.Anyway there must be a way to see if I m on a kick from server if you can check the server somehow.Still cannot join same message.Restarted router for ip change nothing.Cant be that.....



I have no idea...  :confused: maybe someone else can help you


anyway Yinyin maybe was just a server problem or whatelse?



Hello Chrisrag.
No you were kicked by an admin, was the own server who cast out some players.
It seems the server CRT2 detected something unusual on your installation and so you kicked.
In occasions the server acts as the erratic way, and causes kickeds of random players.
Check if you already have free access to the server or if you still have your account banned, if so comment so you check the status of your account manually by an admin.

Best regards...


Hello Ruso

So I was kicked by the server that acted weird you mean?It was just me and one other player not =grij='s that we were both kicked .Can't remember his name bt if I check log I ll see him.I 'm 100% there is no other than the original installation in my pc.No modifications of any mods/add ons.Only original with original patches.Anyway I saw last night I can enter again so tnx for fixing that weird ban.



hI Chrisrag.

I have been checking the logs and you where kicked by the server. probably by any kind of problem with your connection. There's no ban applied, so you will be able to play again with us.

good fly.


 Thanx for checking logs Cancerbero.As far as I can understand,was a server autokick for a reason of some malfunction.I checked last 3-4 days and can join with no problem.Thanx again see you all in flight :)